Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 4

Establishing a country brand is essential to success when signing trade agreements, because of the added value. Today we listened to two business lectures, one speaking of country branding and the other on trade agreements. Country branding is essentially promoting the exports of products and services to other global economies. In order to successfully establish trade agreements on this grande a scale both must be well known to the other. The benefits of creating a country brand is that the face of that country becomes known to the people around them. This in return, creates a sort of interpersonal relationship between negotiators that shows professionalism. Other benefits include creating a unified brand to be advertised world wide and the economic value that comes from such branding.

In order to create a successful Louisiana brand three things needs to be met. Firstly, Louisiana is a symbol of family much like Costa Rica. The idea would be to brand Louisiana with the slogan "Where you are family. Having lived in Louisiana my whole life, I know how the people treat one another. Neighbors know each other, strangers treat each other like they are family, much like in Costa Rica. This brand would be successful because when people visit other cities they want to be accepted and treated like they are welcome. Not just written off only because they are a tourist. The new brand would let potential visitors know that they will be taken care of if they decide to visit. Whether that is sharing food at a UL tailgate or just sharing with visitors popular spots to visit. Secondly, I would establish the state's goods and services other countries would be interested in. The most important of which would be the natural gas /oil fields and the products created by the ports. Finally, I would call Louisiana the greatest place to visit within the states.  Between the traditional festivals to the cuisine, even to the culture itself. Louisiana's brand is not only the easiest to market but on a country wide range would be the most successful.

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