Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 7

Question of the day:

In two instances today we saw  individuals working to preserve the original Costa Rican culture.  (I.e, the indigenous woman selling decorative gourds and the learning farm growing white pineapples).  Give three examples of louisiana businesses/organizations that are working to preserve our local culture.  And how do these contribute to our state economy?

Three businesses that are conducting business to preserve the Louisiana culture are Louisiana crawfish company, a business that will ship live crawfish to anywhere in the county. The swamp tours in Henderson, and most festivals around the state, in particular, the buggy festival in Church point.

Eating crawfish is a big part of the Louisiana culture. It brings family together to crawfish boils where other staples of the la culture are consumed, and la crawfish company is sharing that with the world. People who have seen crawfish on tv maybe interested and want to try it but have no plan to visit the state, but this gives them the opportunity to experience it and get them somewhat interested in a visit to la.
In la there are swamps all over the state. Many people make a living from the swamps, whether that is from fishing, hunting, or catching gators. After taking a tour of the swamps in Henderson, it sparks the interest of outdoorsman. Being that these tour companies make their living off of the swamp they will maintain it and even invest in the preventative and maintenance care. Thus preserving the swamps for future generations.

There are festivals almost every weekend in our state, some are just an excuse to eat and drink, and others are created around actually preserving a piece of the states history. The buggy festival in church point is a great example of this. The people of church point used buggys as their main mode of transportation much later than people around the country, well past the 1950s. This festival was created around preserving and Sharing this history with people from all over the country. They usually have antiques buggies on display and historians on hand telling everything there is to know about them.

These organizations are improving our economy my building interest in our history and how we live our everyday lives. They bring in tourist dollars and really go a long way in creating people opinions of our culture and area. Which will create repeat visitors and referrals.

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