Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Post trip thoughts

After my 10 day journey through Costa Rica I can genuinely say that I learned a great deal about the culture, the people, and the country over all.  Our travels took us all over the small country, touring rain forests, cities, volcanoes, and beaches. Meeting some great people along the way who rely on the ecosystem to make a living.

I believe that what I will remember the most from visiting Costa Rica is the amazing forests and animals that inhabit it. Costa Rica is a very small country and although it only makes up about .03% of the earths surface, it is in the top 20 in biodiversity. In fact Costa Rica is home to nearly half a million different animal species. During our hiking tours through the rain forest we learned about many different birds, insects and mammals.

Other than the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, what I liked about Costa Rica was there commitment to sustainability and preserving their number one tourist attraction, their ecosystem. Their goal is to create sustainable tourism, a practice that is looking to meet the demands of tourism without compromising their environment for the future generations. We saw countless examples of this concept being implemented throughout our time. Most evident was at UGA. They took every measure to be sure that there was no waste and everything that would lead to the camp being sustainable was done.

Overall, through this trip I made memories that I will remember for a lifetime, and have come to realize our wasteful ways in the United States. I would like to thanks our faculty to make sure everyone remained safe and was able to learn as much as we did.

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